CH51XC062 – Cabinet Install (55 S. Carbon Hill Rd. Coal City, IL)

{C}-          Jon-Alan, Tim, Eddy, Eduardo, TJ,

{C}o   Safety Docs in the Rack

{C}o   Kurt, Eddy, Eduardo, TJ, meet on site  


CH51XC084 – A/L install  (3100 N Festival Dr. Kankakee, IL)

{C}-          Josh, Andrew, and Jordan+ WI CREW

{C}o   Wisconsin Crew go straight to site

{C}o   Andrew and/or Jordan – Be sure to turn in all of the closeout stuff from 51/082 ASAP.

{C}o   Josh, pick up van

{C}o   Jordan, come to the shop and pick up the Colorado (load it with HFCs)

{C}o   Andrew go straight to the site


RJ, come in at 7am